Talent Gardening

Digital Talent Gardening

Many Business leaders have been struggling to understand the impact of ever-changing digital technologies on business DNA. They lack confidence and fail to innovate new business models, products, services, processes, strategies, and failing to guide the technology leaders and CIOs to build digital businesses.

Many Technology leaders are busy with light-on business and not able to bring digital innovations required in business models, products, services, processes, operating models using digital technologies. There is a need for technology leaders to become digital business innovators. Hence it is essential to develop business technology skills within the organization.

Organizations must work with a philosophy of Every business is a technology business; every leader is a technology leader; Lean Digital Institute(LDI) prepares the organizations for a better digital future.

Empower organization’s employees, leaders, customers, suppliers, and partners with the digital skills, digital tools and techniques by establishing a digital age learning ecosystem

Emergence of Digital Workplaces

Organizations must define new roles, nurture new skills and new behaviours to establish digital workplaces in which the digital and human workforce work together.

Lean Digital Institute (LDI) : We train and mentor on various digital skill development areas

Three-level digital skill development programs are given below, which are arranged in different modes:

  • Online live (Webinar mode)
  • Video on Demand
  • Physical
Lean Digital Institute: We setup Learning Academy & CoE for Digital Skills Development
Create Digital Skill Development Learning Strategy Map
  • Assess Lean Digital Quotient of Workplace
  • Identify Digital Skill gaps against 12 Business Building Blocks
  • Create a Digital Learning Strategy based on skills gaps and digital business strategy
Build Digital Skill Development Operating System
  • Design a new structure for Learning & Development (L&D) as per the digital learning strategy
  • Establish Digital Business Center of Excellence (CoE)
  • Establish a Digital Skill Development Academy
  • Identify digital skill learning spots within the workflow of transactional systems
  • Establish unique rewards and recognition system to motivate employees to learn digital skills on day-to-day basis
Design Digital Business Career Progression Paths
  • Identify new roles, new skills and new behaviours required to manage digital businesses.
  • Design Create Career Progression paths to manage digital businesses.
  • Identify role-based, guided learning paths to excel in digital businesses.
  • Design individual focused learning paths based on employee personality type, strengths, weaknesses, current performance and career aspiration,
Identify Digital Skill Development Technology Platform
  • Identify the right technology learning platform to personalize the learning.
  • Establish a technology ecosystem to release the new digital skill development courses within 2-4 weeks (Micro-Learning capsules).
  • Design Robo Coach/Robo Advisors for Digital Skill development.
Lean Digital Institute: Value Proposition
  • Enhance business leaders to create new opportunities and improve operational excellence leveraging digital technologies
  • Prepare technology leaders as digital innovators, digital integrators and digital strategy champions
  • Establish common digital purpose, common digital language and Common digital standard within the organization
  • Establish digital skills learning ecosystem with new roles, courses, pedagogy for continuous learning