Lean Degitalization Platform

Lean Digitalization Platform has integrated lean digital thinking principles, lean digital practices, software products, platforms, and toolkits.

It helps the organizations to create a shared digital purpose, shared understanding, and common language of digitalization.

It helps in identifying the right problems and possibilities and designing the right digital business solutions.

It has the CDO tool kit with different templates and documents that support the organizations sail through the lean digitalization journey smoothly.

World's First Lean Digitalization Platform
Lean Digitalization Platform Tools

Lean Digital Thinking

4 Thinking Clusters and 12 Lean Digital thinking Principles
4 Business Clusters and 12 Building Blocks
620 Lean Digital Practices


Software to collect Voice of Stakeholders
Collect Complaints, Suggestions and Appreciations along with their emotions from Stakeholders (Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Partners)


Enroll globally distributed internal and external digital Solution Providers
Publish the problems and possibilities
Get as many Digital Solutions as possible for one Problem

Lean Digital Institute

Establish common digital purpose, nurture the digital skills of all employees, leaders, suppliers, partners and customers

Lean Digital Quotient Finder

Diagnostic Software to find Digital Strengths & Weaknesses of 12 business building blocks

CDO Tool Kit

Templates, frameworks, checklists, documents that empowers the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) to perform his/her job effectively and efficiently.

Find your Best Digitalization Path
Find Digital Intensity and Digital Readiness of your Organization

Digital Intensity of an Organization

To what extent each Business building Block has embraced all 12 Lean Digital Thinking Principles – Check this for all 12 Business Building Blocks

Digital Readiness of an Organization

To what extent each Lean Digital Thinking Principle is institutionalized in all 12 Business Building Blocks of an Organization – Check this for all 12 lean digital thinking principles

Example of Digital Intensity and Digital Readiness

Finding Digital Intensity of CRM Process building block against 12 lean digital thinking principles;
Finding Digital Readiness of the lean digital thinking principle “design & deliver unforgettable moments of experience to stakeholders” against 12 business building blocks.