About Us

BT&BT: Better Today & Better Tomorrow

Better Today means – demonstrating exceptional business performance today and insulating the organization from the negative impact of future trends to continue to excel in business.

Better Tomorrow means – creating strategic Turning Points at the opportune time in the organization by aligning and interfacing with the current and future trends. This enables an organization to be future-proof & future-ready and continue to offer superior value to customers while staying ahead of the competition.

BT&BT’s earnest endeavour is to design innovative solutions using our unique LEAN DIGITAL Philosophy to create a Better Today & Better Tomorrow for organizations and people.

Our Dream
The Core Purpose

To create a Better Today & Better Tomorrow for organizations by designing and deploying digital business solutions with the fusion of digital age technologies and lean digital thinking.

The Vision

To be the most preferred company for the organizations, which want to take advantage of opportunities in the 4th Industrial Revolution and Digital Economy era.

Our Values
  1. Simplification
  2. Trust
  3. Selflessness
  4. Co-Prosperity
  5. Customer Advantage
  6. Alternative Thinking
  7. Positive Impact
  1. Focus on maximizing outcome
  2. Look for opportunities to eliminate waste
  3. Devise frugal and innovative ideas
  4. Proactively alert stakeholders
  5. Experiment, fail small, fail fast, learn & scale fast
Story Behind the Logo

The infinity shape of the logo represents unlimited opportunities available in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, and BT&BT becomes a catalyst in leveraging these opportunities.

The left side unclosed circle of the logo represents an apt representation of a typical Business Life Cycle; comprising Inception-Investment- Growth-Stagnation

When the organization is getting into the stagnation phase of its current business life cycle, BT&BT identifies and creates turning points promptly, represented by the turning arrow in the logo’s middle.

These turning points put the organization into the new business life cycle that makes the organizations sustain and excel a few more years, represented by the logo’s right-side unclosed circle.

It is a continuous journey of any business !!!

Our Promoters
V Srinivasa Rao (VSR)
Chairman & Managing Director and Chief Digital Consultant

V Srinivasa Rao (VSR) has around 25 years of experience in IT Industry and worked at Senior Executive level in Indian IT Majors like TCS, Infosys, iGATE, Satyam & Tech Mahindra

Dr. Subhash C. Rastogi

Dr. Subhash Rastogi, has 4 decades of experience as Management Consultant, Researcher, Educator and Trainer with Multinational Companies..