Digital Business Value Enablement

Digital Business Value Enablement

We ignite the digital spark, create a common purpose, shared understanding, and common language for lean digitalization. As per the organization’s needs and wants, we will identify the focus areas and find its’ lean digital quotient.

We also collate the voice of stakeholders and their emotions in the identified focus areas. By consolidating the digital strengths and weaknesses as per the lean digital quotient and stakeholders’ voice, we will baseline the problems and possibilities.

We will design the right digitalization path (Digital Business Value Enhancement or Digital Business Value Transformation) for the organization to avoid wasting money and to get the right results at the right time

Identify right problems and possibilities and design right digitalization or digital transformation path

Digital Business Value Enablement Phases
  • Ignite Digital Spark
  • Collect Management Expectations
  • Collect Stakeholders Expectations
  • Role-based Digital Skill Development
  • Establish Common Digital Purpose, Pivotal Culture
  • Define Digital Assessment Paths
  • Finalize Lean Digitalization Path
  • Create A Business Case for Lean Digitalization Program
  • Establish Digital Technology Program Management Office (PMO)
  • Collate Voice of Stakeholders
  • Find Lean Digital Quotient
  • Baseline Problems & Possibilities
  • Define Digital Technology Programs
  • Create Technology Project Scope Documents
Value Proposition
  • Baseline digital readiness
  • Bring a common understanding of digitalization
  • Identify the right problems and possibilities
  • Provide clarity on what to digitalize to get high ROI
  • Define the best digitalization path
Our Instruments
  • CDO Tool Kit
  • Lean Digital Institute (LDI)
  • Lean Digital Thinking Standard
  • Lean Digital Quotient Finder
  • myVoiceToday software