Digital Business Value Enhancement

Digital Business Value Enhancement

We leverage our worlds’ first lean digitalization business excellence framework and lean quotient finder to identify the right problems, possibilities and design the right digitalization path.

We form the core team with a mix of the required digital specialists (e.g., AI, ML, Mobile, Social, Analytics, Blockchain, IoT, MR etc.), Functional specialists (e.g., CXM, SCM, HCM, PLM etc.), and Domain Specialists (e.g., Healthcare, Retail, Banking, Travel etc). We analyze the identified problems with new techniques and design best-in-class digital solutions. We create a Digital Business Value Increment map.

We identify digital technology projects and programs to implement the designed digital solutions. We help the organizations to create the RFP and identify qualified and competent digital solution implementation partners to execute and operationalize the digital technology projects/ programs. We continuously monitor the digital business value gained from the digital technology projects/ programs.

Analyze problems, possibilities; design, implement and operationalize right solutions with the fusion of technologies

Digital Business Value Enhancement Phases
  • Ignite Digital Spark
  • Collect Management Expectations
  • Collect Stakeholders Expectations
  • Role-based Digital Skill Development
  • Establish Common Digital Purpose, Pivotal Culture
  • Define Digital Assessment Paths
  • Finalize Lean Digitalization Path
  • Create A Business Case for Lean Digitalization Program
  • Establish Digital Technology Program Management Office (PMO)
  • Collate Voice of Stakeholders
  • Find Lean Digital Quotient
  • Baseline Problems & Possibilities
  • Define Digital Technology Programs
  • Create Technology Project Scope Documents
  • Establish Digital Technology Program Management Structure
  • Create Digital Technology Program Implementation Road Map
  • Design Digital Business Solutions as per Technology Projects Scope
  • Create Digital Business Value Increment Map
  • Devise Change Management Strategy
  • Devise Human-Centric Digital Culture Blueprint
  • Design Digital Technology Services Pack
  • Establish Tech Start-Up Governance
  • Execute Tech Programs as Start-ups to Implement Digital Business Solutions
  • Establish Office of Operationalization
  • Operationalize Digital Technology Program Outputs
Value Proposition
  • Baseline digital readiness
  • Bring common understanding of digitalization
  • Identify the right problems and possibilities
  • Provide clarity on what to digitalize to get high ROI
  • Define the best digitalization path
  • Design right and high value-centric digital solutions
  • Improve business performance in identified areas
Our Instruments
  • CDO Tool Kit
  • Lean Digital Institute
  • Lean Digital Thinking Standard
  • Lean Digital Quotient Finder
  • myVoiceToday Software
  • CoInnovator Software
Digital Business Solution Store

Digital Business Solution Store is the pre-canned digital business solution designed for the identified business problems. These digital business solutions could be implemented after validating with customers through Joint Business Discovery Workshops.

Please click here to view the digital business solution store.