Construction Quality as a Service (CQaaS)

Construction Quality as a Service (CQaaS)

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QEnhancer eliminates the non-value adding activities (wastes) in real-estate quality management by effectively and efficiently managing Real Estate construction quality life cycle management. QEnhancer is built using lean tools and digital technologies. Following are a few features of QEnhancer that can be best used by builders, contractors and consults.

  • Real time Snag Insight
  • Snags Life Cycle Management
  • Real time Inspections Insight
  • Inspections Life Cycle Management
  • Flexible Workflow Management
  • Notifications & Alerts

Reduce real estate project cost by 3-5% by reducing rework

Features of Construction Quality as a Service (CQaaS) – Powered by QEnhancer
QEnhancer Value Proposition
  • 3%-5% Project Cost Reduction
  • Zero Documentation
  • Avoid Last Minute Surprises with Real Time Insight on Quality
  • Reduce Cost of Finance (Interest)
  • Reduce Project Delays
  • Reduce Future Maintenance Cost
  • Free from RERA Penalties
  • Enhance Brand
  • Delight Buyers