Digital Business Value Transformation

Digital Business Value Transformation

We leverage our worlds’ first lean digitalization business excellence standard and lean quotient finder to assess the twelve business building blocks holistically. We determine the digital strengths and weaknesses against twelve lean digital thinking principles. We collate the pains, complaints, suggestions, ideas, and emotions from all the organization’s key stakeholders.

We form the core team with a mix of the required digital specialists (e.g., AI, ML, Mobile, Social, Analytics, Blockchain, IoT, MR etc.), Functional specialists (e.g., CXM, SCM, HCM, PLM etc.), and Domain Specialists (e.g., Healthcare, Retail, Banking, Travel etc.).

We create a balanced scorecard, digital business strategy map, key performance indicators, targets, and digital initiatives portfolio. We apply different techniques to prioritize digital initiatives, define digital solutions and digital technology programs as per the business objectives and outcomes.

We establish a program management office and help organizations create RFPs for digital technology programs and select the best implementation partners to execute and operationalize the digital technology programs effectively and efficiently.  We continuously monitor the digital business benefits of each digital technology program.

Design digital business strategy and effectively implement it by managing a portfolio of right digital programs

Digital Business Value Transformation Phases
  • Ignite Digital Spark
  • Collect Management Expectations
  • Collect Stakeholders Expectations
  • Role-based Digital Skill Development
  • Establish Common Digital Purpose, Pivotal Culture
  • Create a Business Case for Digital Transformation
  • Establish Digital Program Management Office (PMO)
  • Collate Voice of Stakeholders
  • Find Lean Digital Quotient of 12 Business Building Blocks
  • Baseline Problems & Possibilities
  • Establish Digital Technology Program Management Structure
  • Define Digital Business Strategic Themes
  • Create Digital Business Strategy Map (Balanced Scorecard)
  • Identify Digital Business Strategy Initiatives Portfolio
  • Define Digital Technology Programs
  • Create Digital Technology Programs Value Increment Map (Benefits)
  • Create Digital Technology Programs Implementation Road Map
  • Design Digital Business Solutions as per Digital Technology Programs Scope
  • Devise Change Management Strategy
  • Design Digital Technology Services Pack
  • Establish Tech Start-Up Governance
  • Execute Tech Programs as Start-ups to Implement Digital Business Solutions
  • Establish Office of Operationalization
  • Operationalize Technology Program Outputs
Value Proposition
  • Quantify digitalization value
  • Empower leaders to digitalize businesses
  • High returns on digital investments
  • Leapfrog Competition with Digital Innovations
  • Improve Technology Agility & Resilience
  • Create New Revenue Streams
  • Acquire New Customer Segments
  • Achieve Operational Excellence / Profit
  • Customer Retention and Acquisition
  • Increase Employee Engagement
Our Instruments
  • CDO Tool Kit
  • Lean Digital Institute
  • Lean Digital Thinking Standard
  • Lean Digital Quotient Finder
  • myVoiceToday Software
  • CoInnovator Software