Customer Speak

Customer Speak

“We at OSI have a Vision to become one of the best solution providers in SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) technologies. BT&BT has helped us in a systematic manner to define & quantify our vision. Our journey to achieve this vision has started.”

Anil Yamani – Managing Director

“We experimented Lean after lots of internal deliberations. For one of our projects in India with the help of BT&BT. We found it extremely useful in terms of accelerating project delivery and preventing many snags. The project was completed before time, and we received note of appreciation from the client. We have further developed LEAN processes internally and are continuing Lean Practices in many of our projects across the region.”

Jai Prakash – Director – South, SPACE MATRIX

“We knew that Lean Construction is tough but extremely valuable. Therefore tried it in two of our projects with the help of BT&BT. After an initial struggle of 2-3 months, finally, we were able to reduce the Slab-to-Slab Cycle time by 40% on an average in both the projects. This accelerated the completion of the project. We will continue this Lean journey.”

Balakumar Rajagopalan – Vice President – Projects, Golden Gate Properties, Bangalore

“As the deliverance of Construction projects are hard-pressed for” time and costs”, the concepts of lean like eight waste elements, Waste observation walk (WOW), Stand up meetings, Daily Planning Logs, etc enhances the vision of the project owner to be effective and efficient to control the above two functions”. We have taken help from BT&BT team for implementing the above in our projects in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.”

Sachin Negandhi – GM, Corporate, Shapoorji Mid East

Polaris Consulting & Services Limited (Polaris) is a leading Digital Transformation company, which focuses on the global Financial Services industry. We continuously help our workforce build the skills required to lead digital transformations. During this journey, we engaged the services of BT& BT to deliver a 3-day interactive classroom training program as well as an online foundation level certification course in ‘Digital Transformation’. The convergence of digital technologies leading to innovation by leveraging cloud infrastructure was the key focus and learning. BT& BT are very knowledgeable in this area and we are happy to be associated with them.

T V Venkatarathna – Vice President