Open Digital Innovation as a Service (ODIaaS)

Open Digital Innovation as a Service (ODIaaS)
  • Traditional organizations are not able to build internal digital skills at the pace of technology innovations. Lack of digital innovations by organization in the digital era making them irrelevant
  • Welcome to the Gig Economy. Leverage the external expertise using our Coinnovator platform to digitalize your business functions.
  • Uberizing digital Innovation and bring Solution Seekers, globally distributed Solution Providers together on to the CoInnovator Platform and leverage the network effect of the platform.
  • Solution Seekers publish their business problems into the CoInnovator platform and use a powerful matchmaking algorithm to find the right solution providers and with a predefined reward/consulting fee.
  • Solution Seekers get best in class digital solutions. Solution Providers get an opportunity to leverage their digital skills and generate revenue by offering digital solutions.

We help organizations solve their problems with the fusion of digital technologies by uberizing digital solution innovations”.

CoInnovator – Open Digital Innovation Life Cycle
CoInnovator – Open Digital Innovation Platform
CoInnovator – Digital Business Solution Possibilities

A few indicative digital business solutions that can be designed using CoInnovator are mentioned below:

  • Digital business processes design
  • Customer experience design
  • Intelligent supply chain network design
  • Digital Workplace blueprint
  • Digital Product Life Cycle Management process design
  • Digital sales process design
  • Digital business models
  • Digital business operating models
  • Digital product design
  • Digital services design
  • Digital technology strategy
  • Digital technology governance
  • Digital technology architecture
  • New methods, frameworks and policies definition
  • Applications digitalization strategy
  • Multi cloud implementation strategy
Value Proposition to Solution Seekers
  • Overcome internal digital skill gaps
  • Many digital solution choices for one problem from globally distributed digital specialists
  • Cost advantage on digital solutions
  • Introduce new business models, processes, products ahead of competition
Value Proposition to Solution Seekers
  • Rewards, fee for the best solutions
  • Access to a platform to apply digital skills to address business challenges
  • Enhance the image / brand of solution providers