Why Digitalize? Enhance, enable and transform business value by
leveraging modern cyber system that is built with the
fusion of technologies....
How to Digitalize? Leverage World’s first Lean Digitalization Platform to
implement lean digital solutions in the five phases journey:
Inspire, Assess, Innovate, Experiment, Institutionalize!...
What to Digitalize? Lean digitalize 12 business building blocks of an
organization with systems of records, systems of
engagement, systems of things, and systems of insight....
We are your Digital Companion
We address Digitalization Challenges

Not understanding the customers’ task needs and emotional needs

Unable to cope up with the speed of technology innovations

Unclear digitalization / digital transformation vision and goals

Frequent failure of internal digital initiatives and no or less ROI

Resistance to change and cultural barriers

Lack of understanding of new and digital competition

Lack of internal digital technology and digital business expertise

We Improve Your Business Performance
Create New revenue streams
Create New business models & businesses
Reduce Cost of Operations
Improve Technology Agility & Resilience
Increase Customer Acquisition
Increase Customer Retention
Increase Employee Engagement
Introduce unique digital products
Introduce unique digital services
Digitalization is complex, A staggering 70% of digitalization initiatives fail.
Lean Digitalization Platform

We are the pioneers in introducing the world’s first Lean Digital Business Excellence standard with twelve lean digital thinking principles, twelve business building blocks, 620 lean digital practices.

We help customers define the right business problems to be addressed with a lean digital quotient finder.

We find a detailed list of the organization’s digital strengths and weaknesses using the Lean Digital Quotient Finder software tool.

We also collate the complaints and emotions of the stakeholders of the business using our myVoiceToday software.

We bring experts with the skill mix of digital technologies, functional domain, and industry domain into our CoInnovator digital platform to design and implement best in class digital business solutions and strategies.

Please send a mail to vsr@btbt.co.in to have 30 min free consulting.

Our Digital Offerings
Digital Business Value Enablement

Baseline problems & design best digitalization path

Digital Business Value Enhancement

Baseline Problems, Innovate and implement digital solutions

Digital Business Value Transformation

Design and implement digital business strategy & programs

Open Digital Innovation as a Service - (ODIaaS) Coinnovator

Uberize Digital business innovations

Complaints Resolution as a Service - (CRaaS) myVoiceToday

Manage Complaints with hyper customer engagement

Construction Quality as a Service - (CQaaS) QEnhancer

Reduce 3-5% of construction cost by reducing rework

Digital Business Foundation Excellence Skills Development

Jump Start Digital Business Management

Digital Business Operational Excellence Skills Development

Gain digital skills for operational excellence and digital projects excellence

Digital Business Strategic Excellence Skills Development

Gain digital skills to design the digital business blueprint

Our Clients