Lean Digital Thinking

Four Thinking Clusters and Twelve Principles of Lean Digital Thinking

Lean Digital Thinking is the 21st-century game-changing management philosophy that prepares the organizations for 4th Industrial revolution and the digital economy. The 4 lean digital thinking clusters and 12 lean digital thinking principles help organizations and its employees to acquire a new mindset, culture, behavior and attitude to be successful in the digital era.

Four Clusters and Twelve Building Blocks for Business Digitalization

Digitalization is beyond digital applications and digital infrastructure. It is nothing but changing the whole DNA of the organization. While the digitalization journey may be evolutionary and a multi-year transformation program, it is imperative for organizations to understand the 4 digitalization clusters and 12 business building blocks that must be digitalized with the help of 12 lean digital thinking principles. For organizations to become future proof and future-ready digitalization of twelve business building blocks is essential.

The 5 Phases of Digital Transformation

Establish a common digital purpose , bring a common understanding of digital, establish digital language, ignite the spark for a digital movement in the organization.


Assess the digital strengths and weaknesses of the organization and baseline the current digital state. Identify problems and possibilities based on digital weaknesses and digital strengths and prioritize them.


Innovate unique digital technology solutions to resolve the problems and leverage the possibilities . Prioritize digital technology solutions. Get approvals to experiment with the prioritized digital technology solutions.


Pilot the identified digital technology solutions. Analyze the results. Pivot and improve the outcomes of digital technology solutions


Operationalize the outputs of piloted digital technology solutions. Manage the change effectively and continuously improve.